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We are here to help!  Please feel free to shoot us a message below or review our FAQ.  You can always reach us at support@conext.me (EdSign is a product of Conext.me)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! EdSign meets all of the requirements to add an e-signature onto federal forms and legally binding agreements.  

Yes!  While we do not work with 100% of the Student Information Systems on the market, we likely work with the one you are using! 

Nope!  Since we charge on a per student basis, there is never an additional cost for additional envelopes. We automatically right-size your plan as your school goes through its normal cycles.

Yes we do! We would love to learn about how you are using e-signatures in your school. 

No, we do not have charges for implementation! 

Nope! We want to make you experts on our software, we will train you until you are.

While we have never seen 10 people on a single document, we absolutely can do that. There is no limit to the number of signatures on a form. 

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